2009 Draft

I don’t know the players and I’m not sure how picks or when the skins are drafting but I think I know their needs.  These are the positions I think the skins need to go after in the draft.

  1. (13th pick) OT – There could be some studs available here.  I don’t care if the best player in college was too “fat” during the Columbine.  If he’s still on the board here, get him.  Smoot said it best “Fat boys wins my game,” he said. “I know football, and in December, in the playoffs, fat boys win. Whoever’s got the best fat boys is gonna win, so I’m gonna collect fat boys..” http://voices.washingtonpost.com/dcsportsbog/2009/04/fred_smoot_on_drafting_fat_boy.html
  2. DE – Replace Taylor and someone that can pressure the QB
  3. LB – Linebacker… see above
  4. CB – Braylon Edwards possibly Boldin, NFC East teams are upgrading WR’s… Cornerback support can’t hurt the skins
  5. RB/WR – Ideally a RB.  Portis is getting relatively old.  If the value is right get a RB that can grow into a starting RB.  OR, get a WR who is 6’5″ or over.
  6. a 2nd player in one of the above positions.
  7. K / P – I think they need one or both.  Get someone anyone, ideally an Aussie Rugby player for a Punter though, those guys are cool.

Draft Day nightmares:

  1. Drafting a QB.  I’ve tried very hard to avoid all of the “Sanchez” talk.  It can’t happend.  It just can’t happen.  It’s so such a bad idea, I’m afraid it might happen.
  2. NOT drafting an Offensive lineman or  (lineMEN).  IMO, Can’t have enough.
  3. Drafting a TE.
  4. Drafting a Kicker in the first 3 rounds.
  5. Drafting a RB in the first 3 rounds.
  6. Drafting based on “value” not drafting based on “needs”.  Vinny Cerrato’s logic, “Drafting based solely on need is the way to sink a team”…   Because drafting a QB right now solely for the VALUE wouldn’t at all sink the team.

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